Dry Cow Consult  
  There is much more to drying off a cow than simply applying a product.  This questionnaire is designed to help you consider some important things that will ensure your drying off period is as sucessful as possible.
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  Emails to send report to  (separate multiple emails by commas)        
  Adviser Name          
  No of cows to dry off          
  Your maximum Bulk Milk Cell Count (BMCC)       
Is your calving time mastitis in cows >5% ?          
Is your calving time mastitis in heifers >5% ?          
  Do you cull cows that have had three cases of clinical mastitis regardless of quarter?
  Do you cull 3 titters if they continue to get mastitis?          
  Do you use herd test data to cull chronic high cellcount cows?          
Do you keep early pregnancy diagnosis and mating records ?        
  How often do cows calve to their expected calving date ?          
Does Cow ID allow accurate recording of preg test results ?          
Are most cows dried off at 5-12 litres production          
  Deciding on Dry Cow Strategy (consult your veterinarian, but the following information will be useful)
Do you herd test cows at least 4 times per year?        
Do you have a herd test not more than 40 days before dry off?        
Did you record all cows that have had clinical mastitis this lactation?        
Do you have milk cultures and/or or bulk tank PCR4s that are negative for Strep ag?        
  Product Plans:          
  Cows - Antibiotics          
  Cows - Internal Teat Sealants          
Internal teat sealants on my heifers within 30 days of calving          
Gloves are worn          
Disinfect teat ends before product inserted          
Teat disinfectant post treatment          
Staff are trained          
On average, less than 20 cows per operator per hour          
Cows are marked before drying off          
Cows are dried off directly after last milking          
Aim to partially insert tube          
Treatments are recorded          
  Are dry off batch lists (with cow id, dry off date, product and withhold periods for calf and milk) able to be generated?  
After drying off the cows go into a clean dry area      
Can a Mastis Focus Report be produced ?    
Cows are checked regularly after drying off    
  7. Any other comments:  
Based on your answers, these risks and actions have been identified: